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Russian Translation Services, professional translation services provided by Translation Cloud. Translate from Russian to English or any other languages at comparative rate russian translation in english words App Activity Easy Translation HD (Free) Easily translate text or voice from/to English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Malay and many other languages. iOS iPad Easy Translation HD (Free), as its name suggests, is an easy to use yet powerful full-text translation tool for iPad users. With support of around 32 languages, this top-of-the-line app, offers the best possible translation for your text. Need to translate your text? No problem. Pick your source and target languages, type your text and click the button. Done! FEATURES. – Translate your text into 32 foreign languages. – Input your text by typing or speaking. – Share your text on Twitter and Facebook. – Copy your text with one tap. – The app can read aloud both source and target texts. An Internet connection is required.

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