Basic guideline to what other translators are charging and tips to what strategy you might choose when selecting a translation price or rate for your customers. Also links to useful translation tips. reference

How to pass Whole paragraph to Google Translate API v2? I have used translate api v2 for translation of simple word or text.but now i want to translate whole paragraph. i have tried to pass whole translate documents from english to spanish Translate – ENG-ESP Dictionary About Translate – ENG-ESP Dictionary Easiest way to translate words between two languages. Just type in a word in english or spanish Translate single words from spanish to english or from english to spanish. Words has a definition and a detailed meaning description. It is not a translator but can be very useful to translate for people from England or Spain or anyone speaking spanish or english that would use this dictionary. Search for words and find quickly and reliable definitions easily. Expand your vocabulary by using the dictionary and find out new and interesting words in english or spanish. This simple search tool allows you to access a huge number of words. This app is free to download, and works entirely offline and requires no internet connection at all. Pinterest for Android Gets a New Look Review: Urban Armor Gear for the Samsung Galaxy S5

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