dictionary of spoken russian (англо-русский и русско-английский разговорный словарь) – скачать или читать онлайн translate russian writing to english Professional Translation Services GTS is a language translation company that has been providing high quality professional translation services for over 10 years to some of the largest international companies in the world. With translators in over 100 countries and support in over 60 languages, we provide a wide range of foreign language translation service. This includes document translation. medical and pharmaceutical translation. technical translation. legal translation, website translation and software localization. We use an entirely human translation process, supported by a stringent quality policy. Human Project Management When you order a translation project from GTS, a project manager will be assigned to the project and will be your point of contact throughout the project. You will have direct phone and email contact with the project manager during all working hours, and will be able to receive updates in real-time on the progress of your translation work. This sets us apart from some of the online translation companies that provide an online tracking system instead of live, human support. Certified Language Translation Services If you require official certified translations of documents, we can provide them for you. Many of our translators are certified by accredited translation organizations. We can also provide court-approved sworn translations for some countries. For example, we can provide court-approved German Translation Services by a staatlich geprüfte Übersetzerin. which is a state-certified translator. Fast Professional Translation Services If you have rush job, we can provide you with very fast service. After having worked with us, some of our clients said that we were the best translation company for their needs. You can read some client testimonials here. We would like to make your ordering process as easy as possible: you can access a quote form on any page of this website and upload the files you would like to translate. You will usually receive a translation price quote from us within several hours. If you need to translate a website or web pages, you can enter the name of the website on the quote form or get a quote online using the GTS Website Translator. Click here for general information on translation services rates . If you have any questions and would like immediate communication, just click the Chat icon on this page to speak with our representative. Or call one of our sales offices. If you have a WordPress website, you can translate it for free using our GTS Translation plugin. You can also translate web pages for free using our GTS Website Translator. and get free text translation into over 30 languages. We hope that you enjoy using our website and we look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you.

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